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Our program first requires each student to take a full-length, timed diagnostic exam. The Avid Learning team then performs an in-depth assessment that evaluates your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The assessment enables your tutor to construct a study plan for your child’s individual needs. During the first meeting, your tutor will provide an outline of the test’s contents and explain useful strategies for each section of the test. As early as the first lesson, students begin to apply our strategies and rules as they answer in-class practice questions. Students continue applying what they learn by attending weekly lessons, completing homework assignments, and taking timed practice tests. On test day, Avid Learning students are prepared and confident that they will be able to achieve their individual goals.

Why Choose Avid Learning?

  • We provide an in-depth assessment that evaluates your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique learning style.
  • Our instructors will personalize lesson plans to address your child’s specific needs.
  • Avid Learning is committed to maximizing students’ potential and boosting their scores.
  • We get RESULTS! On average, our students have increased their SAT scores by 400 points and their ACT scores by 7 points.
  • The instructors at Avid Learning are professional, engaging, academically strong, and highly experienced.
  • Our tutors have flexible hours to accommodate you and your child’s busy schedule.  Convenient one-on-one tutoring allows you to focus on your child’s academic development in a safe, familiar environment.
  • We provide web conferencing solutions to all of our students.
  • Avid Learning will get you the scores that you need to apply to the college of your choice.

Request More Info

If you would like to learn more about our program or enroll your child, please call our administrator at
(704) 281-2584 or (917) 447-0705.